are you ready to jump start your way to a happier and healthier you? WHY WE ARE HAMILTON'S #1 GROUP TRAINING FACILITY

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Don't Whine, Don't Complain, Just Train

JUST TRAIN FITNESS, the number one group training program for all fitness levels with fun workouts that challenge your body every time. 

When you join Just Train Fitness you are not joining a gym but joining a family of like minded people looking to get long lasting results just like you.

We are results driven and our results are guaranteed. After all your goals are our goals.

The Only 30 Minute Training Program That 

Gives You Long Lasting Results

Just Train Fitness is more than your ordinary gym. When you join Just Train Fitness you are joining a family and a community of like minded people who have goals just like you. Together as a family we motivate each other to reach our goals and get long lasting results.

Our 30 minute workouts are safe, fun and effective to get you the results that you deserve.

It doesn't matter what fitness level or ability you are. Our trainers and family members help to create a judgement free zone and positive environment.

Our staff sits down with you to understand your goals and help you to set a personalized action plan to get you the results you desire.


Hey! I’m Justin D’Olimpio, Owner and Coach of Just Train Fitness. I am a Coach with PASSION and a PURPOSE.


Listen, I get it; you have tried several different methods to reach your health and wellness goals but have had little to no luck, or the success was short-lived.

Sound familiar?


I have been there. Know this - reaching your goals doesn’t have to be that hard.


We ALL have the ability within us to achieve ANYTHING we want in our lives. 


But we’re not meant to do it alone.


Motivation, encouragement and support from someone who understands where you are, who has been there, can go a long way in helping us achieve our goals.


That’s why I’m here for YOU.


It wasn’t too long ago that I watched my health and overall wellness spiral out of control as I worked in a sedentary, unsatisfying job.

I took action and hired a personal trainer to get me back on track.


Within six short months, I was TRANSFORMED!


I dropped weight, I improved my nutrition and my confidence level was sky-high!


The experience with a personal trainer was my game-changer!


Not only did my BODY get into great shape, my MIND became clear as I discovered what I really wanted to be doing with my life.

I wanted to help people find their inner AWESOME in the same way my trainer helped me find mine.


Today, and for the last 7 years as a Certified Personal Trainer, I get to witness transformations of body, mind and spirit of everyone that walks into the studio.


How AWESOME is that?!


So what are you waiting for?


Take the next big step in your life and CONNECT.


Commit to yourself.


Commit to working with the JUST TRAIN team to help you find the AWESOME within YOU!

At Just Train we exercise the WHOLE of you; Body, Mind, Spirit.


Watch yourself TRANSFORM.